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Page #93: "Are you home?!"

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Page #93: "Are you home?!"
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Author Notes:

Andore Mordre 29th Jul 2019, 11:00 PM edit delete
Andore Mordre
image The entire scene reminds me of one of those stereotypical anime scenes where the main character is running late for school.

Except they have a piece of toast in their mouth instead of dirt. XD

Also, I apologize if there’s a bit of an anachronism stew in panels 1 and 2. I was trying to see what edible wild plants grow out here (I used NC as a reference). I found a list of said plants, but not what grows where. So I just grabbed at two names and hoped they fit. Again, I apologize if this is factually inaccurate. -.-;;; A botanist, I am not.


image Hey, it’s the first page with more than three characters! We’re movin’ up in the world or something!