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Page #50: "Hush now, darling."

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Page #50: "Hush now, darling."
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Kelly and Jonathan 22nd Jan 2019, 4:06 PM edit delete
Kelly and Jonathan
image I’m gonna hijack the commentary for a sec to tell a story about my introduction to Honey. And to better explain Kelly’s “Rarity if Rarity was a Sailor Moon character and also a rabbit” comment from last week.

As some might know, most of the characters in this comic were created by Kelly. I created Dook and Elizabeth, but Kelly created Chessie, Raoul, Max (kinda), Granny, Honey, and at least two more that haven’t been introduced yet. Prior to their introductions, I was very familiar with Chessie and Max, and somewhat familiar with Raoul and Granny. But going into this arc, I knew nothing about Honey.

Because of this, when we were writing the scripts for this arc, I decided to sit back and contribute way less than usual to the writing process, to learn about Honey purely by listening to Kelly as I typed. As we were writing this page, a thought played through my head: “This character really reminds me of Rarity from MLP.” I ignored this thought, but when we started writing next week’s page, the thought repeated several times.

By the time we were done writing the arc, I couldn’t keep quiet any longer. I told Kelly who Honey reminded me of. Kelly didn’t know who I was talking about, so I went to YouTube and looked up some clips. My description of Honey then became “Rarity if Rarity was a Sailor Moon character and also a rabbit.” And ever since then, that’s been my joke about Honey.

The point of all this is to assure everyone that Honey isn’t just a Rarity rip-off. But if any moments happen that remind you of her…you should probably blame me.

With that said, woo-hoo! 50 pages!


image Squirrel snowball surprise! …Also, alliteration. ;p

If I had to describe what Honey’s voice sounds like, think of Lottie from “The Princess and the Frog” or Bonnibel from “Crush Crush” but with just a liiiiittle bit more snob added in. Too much snob, and you get MLP’s Rarity. XD