12th Nov 2018, 11:00 PM in A Day Out

Page #40: *tree'd!*

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Page #40: *tree'd!*
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Kelly and Jonathan 12th Nov 2018, 11:00 PM edit delete
Kelly and Jonathan
image Just think of Calvin & Hobbes in the woods together, and that’s pretty much the vibe of this page. ^_^

Also, Chessie has clearly never been to YouTube before. “Graceful ferrets” indeed… XD


image You all have no idea how excited I’ve been to upload this page. Visually, it’s easily my favorite one yet.

The last panel was inspired by one of the earliest drawings of Chessie and Dook I ever did.
I enjoyed bringing that moment back for this page.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a notebook full of early drawings that I need to go burn.